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The original Wolseley company experienced the most complicated of histories until it finally went bankrupt in 1927 and was purchased by William Morris.

At various times in its chequered career, motor cars, aircraft and aero-engines, gliders, railcars, a gyro car, boats, armoured cars, buses and ambulances, mines and depth-charges were all produced.

Wolseley seemed to be very fond of stinging and biting names, and their most famous were the Beetles, Wasps, Hornets and Vipers.

They were, in a backhanded way, responsible for the formation of the Vintage Sports Car Club; their pretentious Hornet sports car of the 'thirties was considered so terrible by the enthusiasts of the day, who dubbed it 'the Woolly Whores' Nest', that they banded together to perpetuate the good name of proper sports cars and not wobbly, under-powered, under-braked horrors.

power unit, but Mc Comb makes it clear that what Kimber actually based the 18/80 MG engine on was an o.h.c.

The 'Viper' corresponded to the Hispano-Suiza V8 aero-engine of the type produced by Wolseley.

Miller told him what he needed was a big chassis into which he could put an aero-engine, for the fast Lightning Handicaps at the Track.

To which the Prince is supposed to have said that there was a big Napier shooting-brake at Sandringham which he would arrange for Miller to collect.

Incidentally, on some of these engines tappet adjustment was effected by means of rotating eccentric bushes within the rockers.

When MG brought out the 18/80 Six-cylinder model it was said that Cecil Kimber had again used a conveniently-available Wolseley o.h.c.