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Coins are such ordinary, everyday objects that we hardly pay attention to them, but it’s hard to imagine a day without the small transactions they make possible.

No less taken for granted is that worldwide all are official products of governments, and as such, they often bear simple but fundamental names, images and ideas that say much about that government.

They are all the more valuable when written sources are absent or problematic.

Such is particularly the case in the mid-seventh century , during the first decades of Islam in the Levant, Mesopotamia and Persia.

Recently, we’ve been getting heaps of fake 1894 Morgan Dollars.

Mr Buddle adds: ‘This coin is rare because when issued it got the value of gold relative to silver wrong, so was rapidly withdrawn and replaced by the noble, which is much more common - though you would still have to pay about £2,000 for one of those.’ #five Deals Widget Item Title#mobile #five Deals Widget #five Deals Widget div, #five Deals Widget a #five Deals Widget .widget Title Box #five Deals Widget .widget Title #five Deals Widget Item #five Deals Widget Item#last #five Deals Widget Item Title #five Deals Widget Item Image, #five Deals Widget Item Image img #five Deals Widget Item Image #five Deals Widget Item Image img #five Deals Widget Itemdesc #five Deals Widget Item Rate #five Deals Widget Footer #five Deals Widget .A frequently seen alteration is to remove the O mintmark from the reverse of this coin in attempt to pass it off as the rarer Philadelphia-issue that has no mintmark. But there are also die struck counterfeits, including newly made ones that are very deceptive.First rule: always check the area above the DO in DOLLAR for a removed mintmark. Fortunately, the genuine 1894 Morgan Dollar has a good diagnostic that can be seen under magnification.Any scratches, discoloration or abrasion isolated to this area should be cause for concern. The 1897 in particular is very common in circulated grades with a Numis Media value of .28 in XF. The red circle on the genuine example shows where to look.Look at the last digit of the date to make sure it's spaced and shaped properly. Die gouges that move from East to West can be seen in the space between the eagle’s left leg and tail feathers.The settings for cookies on this site are set to 'allow all cookies' in order to give you the best possible experience when using the site.