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Consequently, the Original Draft Proposal and SEPA Draft Proposal includes information on the entire area including Chinatown-International District.

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After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account.The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Submitted by caitlins43ea9ae84 I actually catfished someone, but this was 15 years ago before it was a phenomenon.As catfish stories go, things got intense fast, there was talk of him visiting, so naturally, I did something dramatic.And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason.

That person you're going to approach is just another human.

She messaged me saying that i had a cute avatar and asked if we could be friends. I pretty much knew right then and there that something fishy was up. I haven't really had strangers friend request me before, and by strangers, i mean, like not even a friend of your old high school teacher or something.

I checked her profile page, and she created an account in 2011, but she barely had any posts and only like three people had posted on her wall. Is this normal in facebook to have random strangers friend request you?

But all jokes aside, i did message her asking who she was.

I completely forgot about this until like an hour ago.