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Cam grew up in Sydney's Bondi and attended school at Waverley College with Rodney Allen.

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The Dirty's post gained traction in the mainstream when Buzz Feed's Ben Smith posted them. When he first jumped into the campaign, Weiner said that he couldn't guarantee new photos like the one that forced him to resign wouldn't surface.

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While those born before the 1940s tend to use the old Arabic-origin words (even the obsolete ones), younger generations commonly use the newer expressions.

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Some words were used before language reform too but they were used much less than the Arabic and the Persian ones.

Some words were taken from rural areas but most of them had different meanings, like ürün.

As my wife and I have said, we are focused on moving forward.” Weiner's statement does not address the crucial question of the timeline of when they occurred, and whether or not they came after his fall and resignation from Congress in 2011 amid the initial scandal.

He did note, however, that the challenges in his marriage "extended past my resignation from Congress." The anonymous woman told The Dirty that her online relationship with Weiner lasted for six months and that he had promised her "many" things — most notably a condo in Chicago and a job at Politico, in some kind of "blogger panel." (It's worth noting that The chats were posted by Nik Richie, the founder and contributing editor of The Dirty.